Eagle Eye Crossed

I mean, I guess not everything has to have a meaning, but what does this shirt mean? Americans turn a blind eye to violence? Democracy is for the weak? We shall pay for our ignorance in blood? I feel like this shirt wants to say something profoundly political, but since I thought it was kind of woot policy not to do politics, I guess maybe I’m just missing the point all together. I would love it if the artist would post some sort of artist statement!

a little much on the shock value and not enough on the actual meaning

Touché. I figured it was more likely blue, to complete the insulting the US trifecta - symbol, colors, statement…

The red on black/navy makes color blind people cry.

It’s actually a pro-American vibe imo. Nothing wrong with questioning things and thinking for oneself. I do get the “move along, nothing to see here” vibe from mass media and politics in general, which I think is un-American. But then again my focus in grad school is dystopian literature and I tend to gravitate towards this train of thought. Still on the fence on the design.
Needing a navy T though… But if it’s a black eagle on a navy T, too much printing for me - I like my shirts to breathe a bit. Assuming it’s navy (shirt) fill on the eagle, but the uncertainty makes me hesitate.

Of course it’s an un-American vibe. Who DOESN’T hate America these days? I can say that cuz I’m American :smiley:

Might be, but it looks more like a golf club. It seems to be on top of the beak. Just my opinion.

Are you sure? I’m not colour-blind and haven’t read much on it, but from what I understand of it, colour-blindness is when someone sees certain distinct colours as the same colour. i.e. Red-green colourblindness means red and green look the same to that person.

I’ve never heard of red-black colour-blindness. If you want a shirt that makes colour-blind people cry, think about Enin’s maple leaf shirt. I recall someone mentioning earlier that, when they looked at it, it was just a solid colour to them.

Is it just me or is this one of those shirts that nobody wears when meeting people cause it’s awkward in the not-well-designed way rather than the non-conformist way?

I love it. Every night, good or bad, several comments get deleted. Now I know it is not okay to describe my opinion of a shirt design as “barf-o-rama”. Lesson learned. Be nice.

I wouldn’t where a shirt that would make people ask me “what does that mean?” and I wouldn’t be able to answer

if it is an unamerican vibe, that’s pretty much as american as you can get. This country started under freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. Being able to speak your mind about this country is written into the constitution, as I recall.

Or it could just be a play off of the idea of being “eagle eyed”, in which case it’s just the usual gang of jingoistic whiners taking something innocent and twisting it into hating America.

Something about this shirt design bothers me… And I usually like the animal designs. I don’t think I’m going to get this one, but I suspect we may see it “en mass” on random shirt day, whenever Woot does it again.

Ah, yes! Eagle-eyed. I had not thought of that. And thanks for using the word “jingoistic”. That’s one of my faves.

one of mine also.

I’m soooo confused. Oh well, it was worth coming in to read, “Don’t wear this shirt: under your burqa, or the terrorists will have won. Plus, that burqa makes you look fat. Sorry, but better you hear it from us than from a stranger.”

The bird is nice, I think. The crayon-ish lettering and x over the eye kind of makes it look like someone screwed up a nice drawing…like graffiti, maybe? I dunno.

I have to agree, liked Adder’s post & reference, as well. From my 19th C American lit class last semester, it was referred to as “spread-eagleism.”

Stuart (the artist) is from/in the UK. Now re-look at the shirt and think of how the UK currently sees the US.

Shirt make sense now?..

I think this is the first time I’ve seen the colors contradict eachother.

Witty idea Stuart, but just not for me. Grats on being printed. Hope it does well today.