Love this design, Kdeuce never fails to deliver great shirts with great art.

I like this. Good colors, good bird, good work.

Happy Fathers’ Day y’all! :slight_smile:

Sighs at ‘anti-voters’ I hope Woot will print the foxes in the side sale. 5th by 7/12 votes (from 4th/3rd). Sad times.

That eagle needs to be a little balder

But not any bolder…this is bold + brave, the stripes of color adding a gallant flair, seems like wearing it would boost confidence +5 (at least)

That is beautiful. So artistic!

It may, in fact, be the perfect shirt:

No copyright infringement.
No pop culture/nerd culture.
No icons or memes.
No pop culture icons together from companies that compete.
No parts of the drawing that overly a woman’s b**bs in an awkward way.
No tiny details to make people stare too long at a woman’s chest.
Nothing that anyone would question on a child’s shirt.
Not printed on BLACK.
Not printed on WHITE.
No possibility for anyone to even remotely think this disrespects the flag, endangered species or ANYTHING
And not printed on those pesky AA blanks that people complain about.
(see what I did there?)

An eagle huh? Haven’t seen too many of those this weekend at the US Open!

Wait. So what does that mean about the Beatles and the Monkees…

Love the design. It’s got such a dynamic feeling to it.

My hats off to the artist, it really is beautiful. Sadly since they are not offering it in AA, I will pass. The AA blanks fit better, and hold up much better. Not to mention jobs in America.

Noo! I wanted a turkey instead!

Sincerely, Sir Franklin

Cool design, would have been better on white…

What happened to american apparel option?

Was it just a tease? I didn’t get a chance to order one

Shame too def would have gotten this one.

This is the “American Eagle”, hence the red while and blue. The American Eagle is OUR bird, not the bald Eagle which is so often the misconception.

That’ll be $5, but since the US government is so promenently in the news, make it $10.

It is a beautiful design.
Just like the 3 legged jaguar tattoo, this eagle is missing its wings.

I know I will be in the minority, but I would have bought this without the colors. Particularly the red splash across the beak. I am not anti-anything, but that particular red splash just messes it up for me. Otherwise, awesome design.

any chance getting this design on a tank and hoodie ?

I would have bought all three of these derby winners if I could get them on AA shirts.

Gorgeous artwork. But can anyone speak to how the women’s t-shirts FIT? Is it the same as wearing a man’s t-shirt? For example, CHIVERY.com has womens’ t-shirts that are FITTED to a woman’s body. They are not just men’s t-shirts, smaller. They are cut to give you a pleasing fit. I fear that Woots women’s t-shirts are just a tube, just like a man’s t-shirt, but smaller. The pictures I’ve seen on woot of employees wearing the t-shirts made it look like they were wearing a man’s small t-shirt. You know, snug but not tight across the chest, bagged out at the waist, snug but not tight at the hips. You know, A TUBE. I love the shirtwoot artwork, and would gladly buy this t-shirt, but it would be a waste of my money because if it’s just a small man’s t-shirt, I would never wear it. Chivery.com t-shirts are ridiculously expensive, but I love the fit and wear them every chance I get.

America the XTREME!!!1!!!1!!!