Ear Force i30 Premium Bluetooth iOS Mobile Headset

I own both the i30’s and the i60’s. The i30’s are better all-around with active noise cancellation, even though the i60’s are considerably higher priced and lack noise cancellation.

I don’t use the OSX app (although I downloaded it) because it really doesn’t offer anything other than telling me that my firmware is already up to date.

These i30’s are primarily used as my gaming headset on Linux with Bluetooth connection. So if you’re worried about “will these work with my OS,” they work flawlessly with Linux over Bluetooth, so they’ll work with pretty much any standards-compliant Bluetooth.

Both my i30 and i60 are over a year old and still hold their battery charges exceptionally well.

Those are all the “upsides.” The downside is that I paid a lower price for my unit when purchased directly from TurtleBeach with a discount code & free shipping.

While the offer that I took advantage of is no longer valid, for about half of the price w/ free shipping and a discount code readily available for signing up for e-mail alerts, you can get refurbished i30’s for a remarkable deal directly from TurtleBeach.