Ear Pin Earrings

“Pin” earrings? Is this different than “post” earrings?

I am confused as well.


Take a look at the product video in the features. This should clear most confusion up. These are designed to be worn on pierced or non-pierced ears. The design rests against the ear lobe.

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Perhaps photos showing both the pierced and non-pierced mounting options would be useful… I do not have pierced ears, and imagine they would look different than the way they do on the models. I am also a man and likely would still not buy them, but it would increase the odds…

I, too am confused, and I have multiple piercings.
Some “pin” earrings are meant for non-pierced lobes to look as though they are pierced, like clip-ons.
Others are meant to be worn through the usual “traditional” (whatever you call it) one lobe piercing and look like multiples.
It appears they are all 18 gauge, so I might presume they might be worn through the “normal” one lobe piercing.
The obviously fake photoshop pics are useless -_-
My piercings are all 16 - 12 gauge.
This stuff is near-useless to me anyways.

Can they not get a person to actually wear them in order to take a picture?

What product video?

I didn’t see any videos when looking earlier but do now on the product pages. Basically, it’s like a bobby pin that can be slid in through your piercing or just around your lobe:


Hi Sneezycop… Yes! These are different than post earrings being it’s more like a “bobby-pin” type of fastening rather than a straight post. When you have a moment, check out a 2 minute video giving you a visual on How Ear Pin Earrings Work! Hope this helps clarify and answers your question!

This was my thought as well. I have “permanent” rings now, but I have more on one side. I’d like to see a REAL picture of these earrings so I’d know if they fit above my current piercings. The video says you can do “smaller” pin earrings above studs, but I’d like to actually see it.

If I knew they’d fit above my current piercings I’d be in for a set or two that include the ear cuffs. Love those things, haven’t seen them in years though.

Here’s an additional photo you guys:

The vendor says:

I have a couple pair of these from a catalog. I can’t handle pierced earrings, gives me the creeps, and clips are often too tight, but I really like these. I don’t know how the drop ones would look.