Earbud Bonanza

Any chance we can get a Wicked Little Earbud sale?

Always a good suggestion to pass on, thanks!

(Since it’s back to school week, we also want to know - which earbuds are best for rocking out with in the library as you study?)

Just FYI, the Section 8 earbuds, in my experience, we terrible quality. The rubberized piece disconnected from the metal-looking plastic piece on both earbuds, the very FIRST time I used them. The sound quality isn’t great either. Honestly, even $1 is a waste of money for these.

Just FYI, the Section 8 earbuds, in my experience, are of good quality and offer pretty good sound, too. They’ve never fallen apart on me except in cases when I’ve left them in while sleeping on the couch, where I tend to thrash and roll about.

Damn you, woot, for having a sale on these little things every time I tell myself I need to stop buying things. I always end up buying a bunch once I’ve gotten the shipping out of the way on something else that I can actually justify.

In my experience, I bought 3 of the $1 headphones to use at night (I listen to books when I sleep, and would normally end up breaking my decent headphones in 2 months or so doing this). I bought these to be cheap headphones that would hopefully last me a while, not caring about the sound quality.

The did live up to my expectations of having pretty horrid sound, and each broke after a week or two of being used in this manner. Considering an $8 pair of headphones lasts me two months, and 3 of these come out to $8 shipped, I’ll pass on these this time, and wouldn’t really recommend them to anyone.

These sounded okay last time, but like the others said, they do not last very long, and my girlfriend even blamed me when hers broke and it caused a fight.

Buy them in bulk and hand them out as stocking stuffers or something, but don’t expect too much here.

If they are so bad, why have 2 of them sold out already?

People are strange…

Curse you Woot! for this convoluted site layout on a mobile browser and slipping the InCase earphones in with the ear buds!!

I really like the first pair and was hoping to pick up some extra. :frowning: