I seem to recall there being some huge problems with the company that makes the Maximo earbuds the last few times they appeared on Woot. Not Woot-related problems necessarily.

Why is the girl in a coat? It’s summer!

I had a pair of Maximo Metal earbuds the eventually came apart, but the most unpleasent things about them was that they would zap the inside of my ear with static electricity built up from walking on the treadmill. Very unpleasent indeed!!
I love the Marley’s the Bass isn’t as muddy as some say, the wood ones are really nice and bullet ones have tighter bass…i grabbed a pair of both and love the sound of both…really great for the price and the color of the wire is cool and gets lots of compliments. Oh yeah, the mic works great for phone calls too, my GF love them too!!!

Woot offers a pair of Noontec HD headphones from time to time, they’re on ear styl like the beats and sound efing awesome. They’re well built look great and sound amazing. I paid 50 bux on Woot and they’re worth every dime!!!

House of Marley EM-JE013-RT vs House of Marley EM-JE021-SU which one of the two is better? quality wise? i only want to get one. what u mean by tighter bass?

Do the JBL’s have a button control or anything?

If you can fit a pair in each ear you’ll get quasi-surround sound. Pretty COOOOOL!!!

On the Maximos… I have had a few pairs of Maximos and will echo the quality / longevity issues that others have expressed. That said my early encounter with their customer service folks was pleasant and quickly resolved. Recently though I had a newer pair go defective and reached out for a replacement still under warranty. That was in April. Since then I have twice been told
that a replacement was being sent out and it turned out to be a flat out lie. So if you don’t mind rolling the dice on the quality, go for it, because I wouldn’t expect much in terms of customer service.

Will the House of Marley buds work with Android phones? Most of the iDevice-compliant buds I’ve tried (JBL, SkullCandy, etc.) don’t work on Androids.

EDIT: I mean will the microphone and 3 buttons work; obviously the sound will come through.

I literally just got these yesterday and they are already broken. Will not be buying again.