EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor - 2 Pack



EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor - 2 Pack
$19.99+ $5 shipping

2 Innovia Medical EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor EC-1



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I ALMOST bought last night’s coffee maker, it was tough not to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope all the mothers had a great Mother’s day!


whut??? is this even reliable?


Hey! One for each ear.


I’ve never had an ear infection nor known anyone who had one all my life


ear check, gross


Great… I can check both ears at once. O_o


Wow, talk about a specialised niche… I sure hope I’ll never be needing one.


Anyone have one of these? Does it really work?


i just poke around with my screw driver to tell if its an ear infection. i dont need to dang fancy device. make sure u all buy 3


good item if you’re looking to waste a woot off for common sense

my ears hurt and are filled with fluid

oh, I have an ear infection, good thing I have a brain and saved 20 dollars!

gah, no good recent woots :frowning:


You can make a diagnosis of an ear infection with this? I guess it’s cheaper than several years of medical school.


wow… Can I use this on my dog?


What in the…

wow. Buy 3…which is 6…never wonder if it’s an infection again.


Why bother with this when you can just jam a Leakfrog behind your tympanic membrane to check for fluid?


you are kidding right? Either that or you don’t know anyone between the ages of 1-7. This is a helpful product when trying to figure out what the heck is up with the kid - is it just teething or something more…


really the only way this could be worse is if you were forced to buy more than one. oh yeah…


It’s not a tumor! (said like Ahnold)


Cool! One for each ear!