Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Are these any good to sleep with?
Will they block out traffic noise when say, walking?

Since I have a brain injury I have custom made earplugs from an Audiologist (about $100), but they are expensive to replace.

Are these any good for shooting sports?

Do NOT buy these earplugs if your PRIMARY purpose is to block loud noises like mowers, guns, loud cars, construction noise, machinery etc.
They are NOT designed for this purpose.
The Total, full frequency spectrum noise reduction is rather minimal by design.

I agree with Wootski. These are not designed for very loud noises, sustained or not. However, they are EXCELLENT at slightly reducing volume without changing it or making it sound muffled, etc. I use them while watching live music and I have not found anything better. I’ve tried a few different types of Dubs, Heros, and of course the foam ones, and these are the best I’ve heard for live music.


Yeah I would definitely not use these for shooting at a range. The NRR is rather low. I use the big ear muff style that are electronic so I can talk to people and hear them with them on. They are amazing.

What a poorly named product. What if someone under age wants to use them? Do they have a Harvey Weinstein edition? To sexualize something you stick into your ear is a special kind of stupid.

I use a similar set of these when out on the (not Harley) motorcycle/scooter. Helps reduce wind noise from the helmet but still allows me to hear music from the helmet speakers. Getting these as a spare or replacement set.

Where were these in my early teens and 20s, huh? “WHAT” is my favorite word. And I suck at lip reading.

lol what



Reminds me of the pill they used to advertise on radio for Tinnitus
They called it QUIETUS sounded like COITUS
I doubt there is any ringing in the ear if one is doing coitus!!

I’m 55.
Going to my 14 concert this year.
Speak up.

I don’t think you want this. This is more for like musicians, or going to a concert where you want to preserve the the sound frequencies, but overall reduce the volume. You want more of something that will block out more sound- even the cheap foam ear plugs https://www.amazon.com/HEAROS-XTREME-Canceling-Hearing-Protection/dp/B01JXYH042 will block out 33dB as oppose to only 21dB that these block out. The foam ones are more comfortable and you can pitch them when they get nasty.

I’ve got some of these but much prefer my etymotic earplugs. The eargasms seem to plug the ear too much and reduce the sound quality too much. My ety’s are much better at preserving the fidelity of the music without distortion.
https://www.etymotic.com/consumer/hearing-protection/er20.html or at Amazon, and cheaper than these too.

I’ve always taken care of my hearing. Cigarette filters at concerts back in the day before foam plugs existed.

Two years experience with these. I use them primarily for Pilates classes (Lagreefitness.com)and spinning which are LOUD and intense.

What I like about these and others of similar design is that they mute the highs/lows but leave voice more audible.

Would NOT use these for shooting -Indoor range or skeet/trap etc. or for walking in traffic.

Should be good for sleeping in noisy environments though.

I bought three sets of these for my work guys. I run a handyman business and it can get loud. These are great for those times when someone else is using a noisy piece of equipment. They block the high whiney sounds and the deep growls but allow conversation. We use then when the air powered tools are in use, or grinders, sanders, and other noisy tools are going. The guys like how they work but still allow talking. These plugs are comfortable and easy to slip onto your Keychain so they are always on hand. I’m in for 3 more