Eargasm High-Fidelity Earplugs

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Eargasm High-Fidelity Earplugs
Price: $16.99 - 17.99
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I much prefer my Etymotic plugs to my Eargasms

I bought these for when I shared a cruise ship cabin my husband and his sister…BOTH of them ridiculously loud snorers…these earplugs save their lives!

This is not going to sell out!!!

p.s. are there going to be any boc?

I ordered a pair of these from the app a couple of days ago- is it fit or sound that’s the difference for you?

LOL. You’ve already missed 2 offers.

of course I did. LOL

I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you.

I wondered if they worked well with snorers. My husband is so bad we are in separate rooms. Thanks

I’m a light sleeper myself, and I had a (nocturnal) pet hedgehog who slept in my room and would run on his wheel at night. I tried nearly every earplug in the world to mute him out. In the end, I had to move him out of my room. The lesson being: earplugs reduce noise level, but don’t filter it out entirely. My experience is the same with snorers. I have to do earplugs + white noise maker to cover the sound of snoring people. No one earplug will entirely reduce the sound of snoring people.

I have a snorer… but I also need to hear my alarm clock. Hmmmm… LOL

Get one of those pillow vibrator alarms.

Tell me more about these…

I have one of those clocks that gradually lights up the room until it’s as bright as the surface of the sun. Impossible to sleep through your retinas burning.

Why not something that reduces the noise more? These only have a 21db reduction. I buy disposable ones at the store that have a 33 Db reduction.

FYI: If you have a loud snorer in your life (or are one), you may want to have them checked out for sleep apnea. I kept waking my wife with my snoring until she convinced me to have a sleep study done, and they found my breathing stopped several hundred times a night. I use a CPAP now, and it helps tremendously. There’s all sorts of medical issues that can come w/ uncontrolled sleep apnea; heart attacks, high blood pressure, memory impairment, concentration/attention problems, and even weight & diabetes issues. “The more you know…”

Sometimes you want to hear things, just not as loud. Like at a bar or concert.

I got some of these, or something similar before, but they become very itchy. Anyone have that problem before? Any ideas on how to overcome that? I think I got mine from Massdrop.

Both my Etymotic ER20XS and my Planet Waves Pacato PWPEP1 plugs have fit issues with my ears, I can’t get a seal with either pair. Anyone know if these will work? I have relatively small ear canals.

Is this coming up in the Woot Off?