Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

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Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs
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I bought a pair of these last time we offered them about a month ago and already put a review on Amazon. Bottom line is the earplugs themselves do a pretty good job especially considering the price. So, I do recommend them from that perspective. But the metal case to store them in is not well designed and seems like an afterthought. That’s not a deal breaker though.

My five-year-old is going to a Taylor Swift concert. Will these fit her ears? Will these be good for that type of event?

NRR of only 16, which isn’t great. Usually, the disposable ear plugs when properly fitted have NRR of over 30 (my preference is the Howard Leight Max earplugs which have an NRR of 33).

These earplugs are meant for musicians, who need to still hear things, just not at damaging levels. Anyone else is better off with other plugs.

I’m sorry but I have to say that there are no ‘High Fidelity’ earplugs. If anything they should be ‘No Fidelity’ earplugs. If there is no sound - there can be no fidelity.

But that’s the point of these earplugs is there is sound.

These are made for people who are going to concerts and want protection from damaging volumes while still being able to hear the music. Granted, that still doesn’t mean “high fidelity” but it definitely doesn’t mean “no sound.”

As mentioned above, these things are not for hearing protection. Do not take them to the shooting range, monster truck show or to an industrial worksite expecting them to do a lot of good. You are much better off with the foam plugs which will let in 10 times less noise. Unless you are musician or go to a lot of concerts and you want to at least delay the inevitable look elsewhere.

Are these helpful at the gun range?

Home and Kitchen???

Have any musicians out there used these? Both my kids are in School of Rock, and I have bought them similar- type ear protection to use. Are these any better, or any recommendations?

No, I bought these last time - they are just lower the sound level but still allow you to hear. Great for concerts or even flights.

For the gun range you would be better off with cheap foam ones- or those earmuff/headphone type (they will block more sound overall). The high fidelity type ear plugs try to just turn down the volume a bit and preserve as much tonal quality as possible. These are more for loud concerts and musicians.

Son plays electric guitar at rather loud levels (at least in my opinion). He swears by these. Really their best use I think as has been mentioned by others.

Woot offered these about a month ago, I bought 'em, I like 'em. I like the little metal keyring case, too. I found the smaller size fit my ears better, took a couple minutes to change out the colored attenuator part into the smaller plugs.

I have and use a variety of ear protection. These are nice 'cause they allow you to hear what’s going on around you, just block some of the intensity.

I don’t think they’d fit a small child, but not a lot of money to spend to find out.

For serious noise - gunfire, leaf blower, steam roller, I’d suggest the over-the-ear headphone-style ones you can find at the hardware store.

For those looking for cheaper or one time use, go to the drug store, where you’ll find foam style in pretty colors (good), reusable latex-or-silicone similar in style to these (better), or a molded wax style single-use that are harder to fit, but block everything (best).

I have similar earplugs to these. Mine are Hearos brand, but they are a similar design with comparable NRR.
I’m someone with hearing loss, tinnitus, and extended pain after loud noises (using power tools, firing a handgun, and of course loud music).

If I don’t wear hearing protection to a live concert then my tinnitus is much worse for at least a couple days and there is consistent pain.

At a recent rock concert my group of friends and I were about 40 feet from the stage speakers. They were hurting because of the volume levels while I had no discomfort.

I’ve used disposable earplugs ranging between 27-32 NRR for concerts too. The protection is there, but the audio experience compared to earplugs like these is degraded.

If you frequent concerts and often have ear pain afterwards then something like this would be a huge help.
And if people question why you have earplugs or ask, “Don’t you want to hear the music?” just tell them you’re disabled and they’ll leave you alone unless they are complete jackasses.

I’m holding out for ultra fidelity plugs. My ears can hear the difference.

I work in an elevated noise level facility. Maybe 70 DB or so average.
Would these be good to wear daily?

These are very highly rated

These ear plugs are for casual musicians, people who like to go to concerts, or people who want things a little quieter in certain situations but still hear the frequency spectrum clearly. They provide almost the clarity of unattenuated hearing with a bit of attenuation to cause less hurt to your ear.

These will NOT help in industrial settings or for very loud places like gun ranges.

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