Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

I have a set of these. They’re comfortable and easy to use. If you’re looking to use these when operating power equipment, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Foam earplugs offer much better protection. But, if you’re looking to knock down some ambient noise while providing modest protection, these work great.
I found the screw-top container to be as annoying as it is well-made

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How are they for short noise bursts? Looking to get a pair for the (outdoor) range, but also don’t want to go deaf 5 years from now because they don’t do a good enough job…

I’ve been using this brand for a couple years now in band rehearsal, and I think they’re really nice. Before this I was using the comparably priced Etymotics, and I think these sound better.

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Anyone used these for motorcycle wind noise?
Just wondering if they would be any good for that application.

When these come up every couple months, I buy two pair or so to use while riding. They’re fine for their intended purpose, keeping the wind noise at bay while still allowing me to hear my comms and other people. They’re also stupid easy to lose, which is why I buy a couple pair now and then (as previously mentioned).

The little container is a pain in the ass to keep track of, so if you buy these, find something else to store them in if you’re actively using them, something you’ll remember to put them into when you stop.

Do not use these at the range.

Thank You.

Bad idea, unless maybe under ear-covering mufflers.

But in general, foam provide more noise reduction if you don’t care about screwing up frequency response. These are for concerts.

We can’t use ear muff style ear protection when we go to the range, it’s either this type(the rubber/silicone ones) or foam. But my ear shape is weird so the cheap government issue foam ones we can use I have an extremely difficult time getting in place and keeping in place. I used to have a pair that looked similar to these that I bought on some crappy little FOB in the middle east that were AMAZING, but some jagoff stole them out of my bag the last time we went to the range. Oh well, guess I’ll keep looking.