Eargrips Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer – 2 Pack

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Eargrips Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer – 2 Pack [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Eargrips Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer

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excellent for chicago weather!

it’s a shame they won’t be here before i leave though.

love how it says TOO LATE

the moisture wicking feature of these are great for those who like to run outside in the cold

theres alot of these things on amazon for around 5-7 dollars


Got these last year, still use my pair now. These are awesome, and they fit well, no matter how potato your head is.

Eargrips Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer – 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New


  • Eargrips Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer

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Bought these for the wife and she loves them…

If I pay the extra shipping costs, will it get here before Christmas?

it says TOO LATE

Wait. Um… Wut?! I expect numbers in the Dakotas and Alaska to be pretty high. Where it’s so cold and underpopulated you wouldn’t mind wearing these foolish things.

Easy to hear when worn?

i bought these the last time woot had em and they’re alright. They do keep your ears warm but they kind of wiggle around (when walking around or talking) and arent a snug fit or all that comfortable.

I have several pairs of these. I swear up and down by them - I love them to death. Very rugged and none of them have worn out yet. They stay on my head fairly well, though I do need to re-adjust them every now and then - which isn’t too annoying.

Keep my ears VERY warm, and I can still listen to music under them using my earbuds. I can even tuck a bluetooth headset for my phone under them if I want to walk around and talk on the phone, without anyone ever seeing that I’m on the phone.

Bottom line: at this price, get a whole bunch and hand them out as belated christmas gifts. Or, get one for yourself to survive the rest of the winter. Because with these, I don’t even need a winter hat.

december 15 and cant get it by xmas s u c k s
woots shipping is really slow lately
i ordered a shirt two weeks ago and not here yet
there competitor has it here in 4 days

I got 2 of these last time woot had them out. They work great. Keep the ears nice and toasty. And the kids sizes fit my head fine.

Bought two of the two packs last year and very happy with them. Perfect for the Chicago weather!

Sure are. While they’re thick enough to keep you warm, they don’t block sound out at all. I hear people clearly through them.