Eargrips Behind the Head Fleece Ear Warmer

messy oak

geez woot is going a mile a minute o_O

My ears have been cold lately…

and then it stalled…

How come no one is putting up prices?

These are great… I have three pair already! keeps your ears toasty and your hair neat LOL

Does this camo match the knife from earlier? $1.99 is the best price I’ve seen yet on any color of these.

I wonder how many people bought 1.

It is an “adult” warmer…

i love these. got some for xmas and everyone was so pleased. they are terrific and stay put

im not a playa i just woot alot!

took forever to get on tonite. Kept getting server busy response. But got right thru when I went through sellout.woot. Sounds fishy…

When did woot start selling boa constrictors .

Sounds like you need a pair of warm hands instead… I’d volunteer! :wink:

i dont know about the color but these are awesome in the winter

I own some and I love these. I’m so sad I missed this woot I would have bought 3 :frowning: