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Found a review:


Review looks good.

wow! I paid 60 bucks for these exact headphones. That upsets me. Anyways i’d say they’re good headphones I like them but i’m not a big audiophile so I don’t know how good they are exactly. They are pretty comfortable but start to irritate my ear canal after maybe like 4 hours of straight usage because the particular ear ending I use gets in there. The actual earbud is on the large size but they fit perfectly in my ear. The wiring looks a lot cooler in the picture the whole transparent thing. The braided bottom is pretty cool. The case is also nice even though I never use it. Oh and they donate a portion (undisclosed) of your
purchase to this foundation that helps the deaf.

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There are reviews here:


and pretty much the first few google pages, but head-fi has no review and there is no ‘user reviews’ - so much for crowd sourcing…

I will say [as the headphone whore i am…] the larger the speaker diameter the better the sound [generally] and 13 mm is good ‘earfull’

a good and cheaper alternative is:


if it is in stock. probably not as hifi, but you won’t cry as much when they get stepped on…
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From the Better Business Bureau: Starkey Hearing Foundation (SHF) is sustained by volunteers spanning the globe. The organization reports that since 2000, it has distributed more than 305,420 hearing instruments to those in need around the world. SHF also reports that it delivers more than 50,000 hearing instruments annually through hearing missions in 86 countries. Hear Now, the Foundation’s domestic program, assists hearing-impaired people in this country who would otherwise not be able to afford hearing aids. Through an application and approval process, hearing aids are distributed to financially needy persons through a nationwide network of hearing health care professionals who agree to fit identified recipients with donated hearing aids. SHF launched a hearing conservation program, Sound Matters, to educate the public about responsible listening. SHF also bestows grants to organizations which work to better conditions for the deaf on a world-wide scale.

Bottom Line is that it’s a legitimate and useful charity that only has 12% administrative costs. If you’re seriously considering these earbuds, that should push you over the top…

they’re not good until you pay $514.16 for them (in ears I mean) custom ear molds, removable cable and everything.


Head-Fi Review

In for 1.

Joker has it in his 130 IEM review. Not a bad price tho I have way too many IEM to warrant any curiosity buy. Plus, my 3 M6 just came… Anyway, overall, Joker gave M6 a 7.4 and Lyric a 7.2 but for SQ, M6 a 6.25 and Lyric got a 6.75.


I already have a pair (paid close to $100). At this price will buy a couple more when I get to work tomorrow. My kids are always stealing mine. Little buggars…
These rock and so does the cause.

I see mostly good reviews and buy recommendations, the price is good. I think I’ll give them a try. A previous poster says he is an “earphone whore”, I feel the same way.

So…with the carabiner I can use while mountain climbing?


A useful review.

Those westone’s will serve you well. I know, I have a pair :wink: I think I am in love with them. I hate taking them out when I get to work after my hour long commute.

It’s “iPod Touch,” not “iTouch.” Just saying.

does Jax from mortal kombat have anything to do with these ? If so, I’ll take 3 dozen

Its for the kids Vince! Do the right thing!

maybe I am overlooking the fine print somewhere, but what kind of donation is being made? All I see is that “a” donation will be made for every sale…but what is it? $0.10? $1.00? $10.00? A set of earphones?

I’m all for helping out, but I’d like to know it’s somewhat worthwhile. Otherwise I might as well donate to the foundation directly.

Here you go

P.S. In for 2

I take it that these do not have a microphone for an iphone, correct?

Crap I just picked up some of these just the other day. I wanted some nice ones to use with my iPod as the apple earbuds hurt my ears. The soft ends on these are a perfect fit. I also love the fact these guys give to charity with each set sold.

Found a promo video with the Woot monkey rocking them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt0reZkGW4s