Earjax Lyrics Earbuds


what i cant hear you

-40 and you got yourself a deal

Are these any good?

nice assortment of ear fittings…

Comes with a Carabiner??? Really???

Old description. They cheated.

“Earjax will make a donation with each Sellout.Woot sale today to The Starkey Hearing Foundation”


headphones 7 bucks case 37.99 bucks

Check the local offender registry, lot of earjaxers on there

C’mon Roomba!! My last one is dead…

I find it amazing Woot can sell so many headphones every wootoff… who really needs headphones?

Instead of giving money to the hearing foundation, they need to spend it on Glasses, This is not sellout woot…

the write-up says nickel plated jack, the specs at the bottom say gold-plated jack.

Anyone know if these are worth it? The wire seems flimsy…

For the case I assume? Of course why that would be necessary is beyond me. I guess if you are going to spend that much on ear buds, you want something to make sure they don’t get broken.

My brother has these, they’re pretty awesome

Do these vibrate?

Who uses a case for headphones? WTF

I got these from sellout, and they are very good. I have a pair of Bose triport headphones, which are around the ear cans, that I love, and these compare very favorably to them. They are made to last, and I love the nylon cord rather than the typical rubber cord that breaks after a few months.