Early Warning EW-3100 Radar & Laser Detector

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Had to love the last Woot… Drama, suspense, sides chosen, lines drawn in the sand…If an mp3 player can illicit a response like that… I can’t wait to see what this great Woot brings to the forum!

Nice Woot to start off the week. We don’t need no stinkin’ badges… I liked them better when they were called fuzz busters :slight_smile:

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Early Warning EW-3100 Radar & Laser Detector
You can’t drive 55
$42.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Some might say that legal speed limits are pretty reasonable. After all, there’s a car for every man, woman and child in America, and anyone who’s had the misfortune to ride in one knows that most of them are piloted by dim-witted stooges who don’t know the first thing about driving, and aren’t especially curious to learn.

So why not regulate these obliviosos a little bit? You know, give ‘em a guideline or two, and maybe suggest a maximum velocity? Then, when a few especially dangerous cretins inevitably pile up on the freeway, maybe one or two of them will survive.

We’ll tell you why not: Because that’s socialist talk! What good is freedom if we fetter and hamstring it with namby-pamby laws written by mealy-mouthed lawyers?

Alas, hamstring it we have. Limit your driving speed the government does. Freedom to drive dangerously fast you still theoretically have, but caught you must not get.

The Early Warning Radar/Laser Detector EW-3100 lets you scope out the law enforcement situation on any old patch of blacktop from Muskegon to Muskogee. How you choose to act on this information—well, that’s your business.

Enjoy the open road! But hey: until Early Warning develops a kids-on-bikes detector—when you come through our neighborhood? Do us a favor and ease off the gas a little, y’jerk.

Condition: New, retail
Detects all current radar and laser guns
Includes 360° Laser Detection which detects laser from the front, rear and sides (including Pulsed, UltraLyte, LTI-2020 and Prolaser)
VG-2/Spectre undetectable
Digital signal processing and anti-falsing circuitry
High-resolution icon display is visible even in bright sunlight
Real voice alert technology alerts you with 25 different vocal indicators including radar and laser detection, and is even bilingual
Dude, like K.I.T.T.
Safety warning system detection alerts you to road hazards, emergency vehicles, railroad crossings and more
Numeric signal strength display shows you signal intensity from 0 to 9
Auto mute mode automatically reduces sounds by half when signal is detected
City/highway mode lets you minimize alerts in areas that have false radar signals
Provides instant on or pulse radar protection to notify you of sudden high level radar and laser signals
Tutorial mode demonstrates all functions
Dual plug adapter allows you to operate the Radar/Laser Detector at the same time you charge your mobile phone, as if you weren’t menace enough on the road already
4 mute and 3 step dim selection
10.525 GHz +/- 25Mhz (X-band)
24.150 Ghz +/-100Mhz (K-band)
33.800 Ghz (Ka-POP)
34.700 Ghz +/- 1.300 Mhz (Ka super wideband)

In the box:
DC car cigarette lighter power cord
dual plug adapter
velcro (hook & loop fastener)
Window mounting kit
Owners manual.
Dimensions: 4-1/4”L x 2-3/4”W x 1-1/4”H
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Seems pretty cheap for a device like this. Then again, I haven’t read any reviews. Still, much cheaper than a ticket. No guarantee you won’t get one, but if you hit the break every time it beeps, you’re probably less likely to get a ticket.

By the way Mr. Descriptionwriter: “Alas, hamstring it we have” is improper English…it should be “Alas, hamstrung it we have.”

I could really use this!

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No thanks, maybe tomorrow.


wow, great for us VA kids…
woot please run omnifi DMP1 again! mines was stolen from my car last week :frowning:

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very handy. very good price.

Froogle price goes as low as $50

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hmmm radar? damn no need for one… yet

Everything I’ve ever read says that laser detectors are worthless. They tell you you’re getting lased, and at that point, the cop already has your speed. Anyone have any experience with this?

Too bad my car can’t go faster than the speed limit.


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Nice Woot…

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No radar needed for me… Thanks Though.

Mine works great, but this might just help out around the sharp bends.

[quote user=“Woody1”][size=24:bfcf29119f]W00T Forum Posters[/size:bfcf29119f]
Find your handle night! There are 30 posters in here. Numbers are replaced by words so for example “Peteromans10” is peteromansten (or eleven, or twelve, or thirteen…) Got it :?:

Good Luck :stuck_out_tongue:

woohoo! found meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

:slight_smile: this is rad.

Anybody know what states these are illegal in?