Early Warning Laser and Radar Detector with Voice/Text Display



Woot wants us all to break the law.


Not bad, but I’ll stick to my Valentine1.


“Tutorial mode to demonstrate radar, raser, 5 safety alert examples etc.”

Don’t get caught by those rasers!!!


I already have an early warning device with voice alert. My wife.


Everyone should know that this is illegal in virginia


I got the Zodiac detector that Woot offered a few months ago… could not be happier with that one. So if that is any indication of Woot’s taste in radar/laser detectors, you should get one.


Oh man. I wouldnt trust anything except my Valentine One. On these cheapie detectors, you often get what you pay for…


i’m never sure of the “accuracy” of these things.
does anyone have any insight into that?


Who makes it? Also having a tough time getting the graphic to type the word.


Lame woot. Don’t speed and you won’t get a ticket. Speed, and you deserve a ticket.


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Early Warning Laser & Radar Detector with Voice/Text Display
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Early Warning Laser & Radar Detector with Voice/Text Display - EW-3200


Ewwww… radar is on its way out - laser’s the thing.
By the time the laser has “hit” you - - no detector is woth anything.


Nice woot, but doesnt my mother-in-law already talk and shoot lasers when im driving??


Anyone know how good this radar is? Does it actually work as well as the advertised?


I’d get one but my Cigarette lighter doesn’t work in my car at the moment.


if only i wasnt losing my license on saturday. seems like a good deal


mmmmm tempting… freakin state rides with speedtraps setup all over here lately.


looks cool, but does anyone know how big it is?


ebay has tons of these for around the same price, maybe tad bit higher