Early Warning Laser and Radar Detector

Radar detector. Cool. But… now I have to buy a car. :frowning: Well, it is Christmas.

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Early Warning Laser and Radar Detector
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Early Warning EW-5015 Laser and Radar Detector

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Disappointing…these really dont work very well.

A cheap detector for cheap speeders.

how many bands??

Illegal where I travel. Check you state laws.

Watch out guys, this one doesn’t have Ka or Ku band detection. Ka is very prominent in my area (Chicago, IL), but more and more PDs use Ku (European band). X-Band is pretty much non existent where I live (with the exception of motion detectors :slight_smile: ).

This looks cool! I paid alot for my last detector! Might buy as a christmas gift…
ANYWAYS heres my froogle link! :


Cheap radar detectors do not work. Its a sad fact you get what you pay for. The range on these inexpensive units is laughable as well as the number of false alarms they provide.

Bottom line, save your money and buy a quality detector, ie. Valentine One, Bel 900 series and above, or even the “fairly average” Passport 8500 and above.

only 1 and 1/2 states are illigal, this is getting old.

Woah thanks for deleting my earlier comment! Wtf happend?

Anyways, $40 isn’t worth it. If the radar dector ain’t worth over $100 it aint saving you from shit.

WOW a cheap radar detector, you pay for what you get. a dash broad paper weight, with flashing lights, in your rear view mirror. : ) LOL

not worth it - doesn’t detect half the stuff out there

The mount, cig power cord, and unit look AMAZINGLY similar to the Rocky Mountain Radar on buy.com.


May be legal but they are guaranteed to pis$ off the cops if they spot them.

I agree! I got the Beltronics 950 for 60% off when I was working retail and it was worth every penny! It is event worth the full price. It has X, K, Ka, Ku, Laser and SWS detection, but most importantly - lightning fast digital processing. Saved me a lot of times.

Here’s the Froogle link. I don’t know if they have the exact model on there though.

I got one from Woot awhile back. It worked so well that it picked up store door openers, traffic signals, speed signs, and other various unknown items.