Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector EW-3400

So how many states is it illegal to buy this in tonight?

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* Illegal in all vehicles: Virginia, Washington D.C., Carlsbad Caverns National Park
* Illegal in commercial vehicles: Illinois, New York (specifically, commercial vehicles over 10,000 lb. and all vehicles over 18,000 lb.)
* Indirectly illegal: Minnesota (illegal to hang anything from the windshield)

Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector EW-3400
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1 Early Warning Radar Detector EW-3400

is this any better than the cobra?

hmmm. illegal. how much do you get fined for having one of these?

Pick Your City

Seems like all we see lately are radar detectors and MP3 players. Don’t need one. With gas prices I am cruising well below speed limit…night all.

I’m too old for one of these… at 40y/o… but man… when I was in college! I had one of the original “Fuzzbusters” wish I kept it… it was the first model ever made… a HUGE box. Looks like a nice unit.

Already have a good one saves me tickets!! Dont know about this one though never heard of early warning.? At your own risk nite woot

Some speedy prices…

SecretPrices … $113 (new)

PriceGrabber … $88 (marketplace)

Froogle … $98 (new) / $83 (marketplace)

i believe amazon had a better price on this on this friday

Yuck, not one of these again… I would think about it if they worked in Japan… Well the warning stuff… I would think the radar/laser detector works anywheres… and where’s my sig? Is this a new message board, or will it change after an hour or so, so save bandwith?

$97.90 lowest froogle price and also lowest price in all sites except woot

Do the planes and helecopters emit the same signals this detects? Anyone know?

This looks like it might be superior to the cobra I just bought on woot a while ago… it has a compass, 9-step intensity readings, and it doesnt say how many bands, but it says it supports ALL of them, so I would guess more than 11 like mine does.

Looks very impressive!

Does this thing work ?

I like this product. Good entry-level radar detector. A similarly priced detector has saved me at least three tickets in a year; you don’t have to pay $300 for a top of the line one.

The Woot headline made me think of:


HORRIBLE WOOT. I picked up a much nicer-looking Cobra set at Radioshack a while ago for just $30.

not allowed here in VA.
good night woot.

No thanks, after my 4 point speeding ticket I don’t speed. Good night W00t.

not the best on the market …but considering its alot cheaper than my last speeding ticket… could be a cheap investment for you leadfoots.