Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector EW-3400

It says it detects in a 360 degree radius, but how far in any given direction will it detect?

Can this be shipped to Virginia, even though they are technically illegal? They are illegal to purchase in the state, but you can posses them, I believe.

Some insight needed!

Only illegal in Virginia, mate. Unless you’re in Virginia…

What is yours? I’ve been looking for a really good one.

To those in areas where they are illegal, please remember that for many of us they are perfectly legal.

And for those who say we shouldn’t speed…


Well you can possess them but you can’t use them. Kinda stupid to have one then :stuck_out_tongue:

Woot should really mention that these things are illegal to use in Virginia, Washington DC, and most of Canada.

Yeah well aside from being perfectly legal in 49 of 50 states, you are right, it is illegal otherwise. Do some research before posting incorrect “legal advice.”

hmmm, have to commute 30 miles to college everyday, thanks woot.

I thought it was more gas efficient to speed. Am I grossly misinformed? Anyone? What’s the optimal speed for gas efficiency?

Product Haiku:

Radar Detector:
Why must you bleep so often
when I pass a cop?

No thanks… with the price of gas today I can’t afford to go fast anyway. Besides, what’s the rush?

nah. Got a Cobra for $40 about three weeks ago and love it.

Come on Woot.


Good nite Wooters.

Good woot, would have taken if didn’t own one already.

No, it’s not. I believe the efficiency is highest around 65 mph, but I may be grossly mistaken.

does anyone know if this has 360º protection? does it need line of sight?

Nightly Haiku:

Will this woot be safe
To Trust While Highway Speeding?!?
I think I might buy!

About 8 hours to late for me…unmarked cop car + laser + 57 in the 40 = not a good day! Even though my radar detector went off, I’m pretty sure that as soon as you’re hit with a laser, it doesn’t really matter if you have a detector or not…youre screwed

There isn’t really an optimum speed for better gas efficiency, but I guess you were told wrong. Slower is indeed better. Though there is no “perfect” speed, it is suggested that you try and maintaint a steady speed. Constant speed fluctuation will lead to poorer gas efficiency.

seeing as how it depends most on the RPM, displacement, and weight of the car, it totally depends on the car.

so your best efficiency is in the last gear. if you can do 80mph at 2000rpm, then its not [much] worse than 2000rpm in first gas-wise.

EDIT 5 years later, I see this post, and cannot believe I forgot to mention two things:

  • of course MILES per gallon is not the same between two gears, but I should have likened ROTATIONS per gallon. higher gear will net more miles.
  • wind resistance etc, but I did say the higher gear would be ultimately worse.