Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector EW-3400



I need one of these right now since I finally have time to speed to the grocery store for some milk. Thanks woot for putting my entire life on hold!


XD Didn’t I see this Radar from before?


Is anyone else having a problem with the server on here or is it my computer? I am able to see the woot for sale but cannot get into any of the forums it comes back “error” on everything else I try to enter.


Damn, I wanted that enclosure, but this will be just as good.


this sux. im going to cut myself. i waited llike 3 hours so the vacume would go away and it all ends with this crap?


Oh! It’s Bag O Crap! Oh no sorry. It’s POS.


looks like this gonna be a slow one. Nayone ever heard of this brand? might get it. On the fence


this has been like a giant woot garage sale !!!
are they always like this???

i can’t believe i have sit here all day for this!



And Woot is really messing up. Lots of server errors.

Don’t send your programmers home if you’re having a Woot-off!


Who doesn’t have one of these… Woot Off Killer.


yes, their forum server seems to have some issues.

wish I could use one of these but my work site doesn’t allow them and I only live 8 miles from work. Oh well, maybe the next woot…


That’s really quite expensive for this item…

What am I saying? EVERYONE BUY THEM UP QUICKLY!!! We’re at 97%


Every item takes awhile to sell no matter how cheap it is, well at least compared to the last woot off…plus woot’s been struggling with their servers…


Woot Off Checker

just started it, hammer my site!


Oh, no. Not this dog again…


seeing double on the blog…2 for 1?


whatched a crabbing movie…crab like tuna…tuna is a fish…sharks are fish…sharks are killers…this listing will be a wootoff killer…(good reasoning)


Yeppers, having loads of problems and VERY slow!!


I’t is not our computers, it is Woot’s system. They must have bought some of their own stuff at a rock bottom price. Come on guys, how can you get to the BOC if the system is screwed up…