Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector



None of these prices include eBay listings, because eBay smells.

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nice site jessiebyrd…way to one up me!


Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector
$24.99+ $5 shipping

1 Early Warning Radar and Laser Detector EW-3005


any reviews?


Cops hate these


One of these days I’ll get one of these, but I’ve never had a ticket so I don’t really need it yet… and I drive pretty fast, too.


Jessie’s Attempt at Useful Linkage for this woot… it’s a good one…
…i got all the useful linkage possible on my blog… plus some commentary regarding said “woot”.


I’'ll take a V1 =/



Drive slowly and wear seatbelts. That is much better than trying not to get caught.


My metro is too slow for this + I am still using woot’s cig lighter fm tuner ;(


Sure would be nice to see an effective Radar/Laser detector for once. How about a BEL brand model?!?


Pretty good price… if you’re into really high false sense of security.

Either Get a:

a 65
or a V1

in that order.


you just jinxed yourself!


I’ll keep my passport 8500


Did I read that right? A 22’ coiled power cord? WTF? You plug this into the lighter in your trunk? (you know, the one the trunk monkey uses to light up). 22 feet?


how many radar dectectors can you possibly get???

woot seems to have these really often…


I’m convinced woot has a radar detector fetish… Seems they have a different one up every other day.


this thing sucks.
don’t waste your money.
and, slow down instead.


is this any good, i have a cobra but its a little old.


Sounds like you’re trying your best to jinx it. Go buy the detector right now!

However, the detector seems to be really cheap. I heard that the ones which are nearer to the 100 dollar mark are more efficient. What do you guys have to say?