Early Warning Radar/Laser Detector

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Early Warning Radar/Laser Detector

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Was hoping for speakers! :')

“Early warning” as opposed to the late warning radar detectors!

wow, finally… my first first-page post… cool.

but yeah… no thanks to the woot.

Radar is good, laser is impossible.

If the laser beam hits the car (its only about 1’ 6" wide) you are
caught! So I guess its not really a laser detector, its a ticket detector.

How about some sort of laser jammers woot???

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noooo, crap! nite.

if you buy this…SLOW DOWN…hehe

nah, not for me… first page though.

Ya gotta be kidding me…


Night Night

I think I will pass on this!

hmmmm… the options…

WooHoo!!! no thanks tho…

Blah, VA sucks.

never heard of this brand

Got one last time thanks!

Oh well, off to bed!

Nice, but no thanks. First page?
OK- Second


Nope…got one