Early Warning Radar/Laser Detector


I’m up late anyway :-), so here is my wonderful set of links.

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Can this detect police?


Cheap Radar Detector = False Sense Of Security.


Radar detector?

No thank you, they are generally frowned upon in the state of Georgia.


do these work > i want a valentine 1


I think i’ll buy one since my last one broke and the summer time is approaching.


It detects radar… not people. If the police use radar, yes. If they’re using a “hi-tech stopwatch” then no.



would love to have one of these but they are illegal in va and woot is not worth going to jail for – love ya though


I used to have a need for these things. Not anymore more though, my 84 Cutlass just doesn’t move as fast as it used to.


I own a cobra, trust me, it’s worth the extra money. If it saves you from one ticket it pays for it self.


Illegal where I live. no woot


BAH, I already own a Valentine One. See ya’ll tomorrow


i have a passport 8500 i will pass


The problem with radar DETECTORS is that by the time they can detect any signals getting to you, the cops have how fast you are going.


I am poor. My 3 cyc 80 horse power metro can not speed. Wasted my time for this woot, But now off to sleep after that amazing woot-off



^ =1 amazon review.


I’ll stick with my Valentine V1, thank you very much. I like knowing how many signals I’m being hit with and whether they are in front or behind me.

Great woot-off, not so great a follow-up woot

night all


I have this radar, It works great, to bad it cant be an early detector for a woot-off
lol. To bad its over. Oh well, im going back to a place I call RL


Nein. It picks up radar pretty much no matter where it’s pointed, and if you slow down before they can get a laser reading, they can’t tell.

Off-brand detector though? No thanks.