Early Warning Radar/Laser Detector

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Early Warning Radar/Laser Detector [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Early Warning RSX-777 Radar/Laser Detector

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does it scream like the souls of the damned???

This thing is like $179.99 refurb at pacificgeek.com. Smoking deal.

Reviews at ShopNBC

Laser detection is pointless. Once it is detected it is too late, no matter how sensitive your detector is. I’ll stick with brands with better reputations for my radar detecting needs.

It kind of looks like a stingray with that headphone jack occupied.

Why do radar detectors have a headphone jack? Is it for people that ride motorcycles or what?

That, and some drivers let their passengers sleep on road trips.

The funny thing is, as of this post no woots have been made in Virginia. Come on yall, stick it to the man. You can be invisible with this radar detector. Not that I condone illegal radar use.

how many bands is this?

Not much info at BG Tech’s site, but there is a contact page.

Here’s a Radar Detector FAQ

The bands that this detector responds to are listed on the item page. Claims of “9-band” and “10-band” detectors are marketing hype - there are only 3 radar bands (see the FAQ I linked to).

What is this for? Detecting lasers…from what?
I don’t get it. :frowning:

Yes. You can also hear the detector in a car while music is playing, or in noisy urban areas.

Law enforcement uses laser as well as radar to detect speeders. LIDAR

I bought a cobra a few years back, probably the cheapest one Cobra makes. Would this be an upgrade?

I’m slightly amused at the fact that it people in Virginia are obviously buying these even though they are illegal here. grumble stupid Virginia.

but it’s also illegal to wear headphones while driving O.O