Early Warning Radar & Laser Detector

Just a heads up, these are illegal in Virginia, Washington D.C., Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.

Actually, they’re illegal for all vehicles only in Virginia, Washington D.C., and on U.S. military bases. In the other states you mention, they’re only illegal for COMMERCIAL vehicles.

It’s illegal in some states as mentioned by wootasourus, but it’s legal to have in some states but illegal to have it on the windshield. That link also has the legal status of radar detectors in other nations. Do CTRL+F and look up the legality, save yourself a ticket.

They are LEGAL in New York State (except in commercial vehicles). Check your facts bub!

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ShopNBC also has a video

Beating the cops on this is just not going to happen unless you’re ready to fork over some serious cash. You need an Escort Passport 9500ix or and Escort Redline to have ANY chance against POP radar and you’d better throw in a Blinder M27 (M47 for larger vehicles) for a fighting change against LIDAR (police laser). It’s vaguely possible that this unit will give you a few seconds against the less effective police radar (for POP and LIDAR, if it goes off at all you’re already clocked), but you’re more likely to just be lured into a false sense of security and be less wary.

As to radar detectors being illegal in some states, the Escort 9500ix is 99.9% detector-detector-proof and the Redline is completely undetectable. To really have your bases covered (radar, POP, LIDAR, speed traps, red-light cameras, photo-laser), you’re looking at a grand and change, installed.

And what about that undercover cop who has been pacing traffic and following you for the last mile? You’re never going to have all your bases covered. How about slowing down and trying not to kill the rest of us?

reviews on other sites look very… meh. anyone have an idea if this is worth the $40? not necessarily the best detector, but a $40-worth one?

I’ve had a couple cheap detectors in the past. Everything works well out where there are nice long straight stretches of road. For times when the cops are around the corner/bends though, only the passports have been able to pick anything up (8500 & 9500ix)

as far as laser goes though, even my passports don’t pick anything up until I’ve been shot. that 5% chance that it hits the car next to me the detector will scream “laser” but otherwise its a no go

In my opinion save your money on this unless you’re out in the midwest and have nothing but flat long roads

Valentine one, the golden standard of radar detectors. your not going to get a quality radar detector for this price. This is only going to annoy us folks that have nice ones that go off falsely because of cheaper units “leaking” radar.

That’s where you need a good old fashioned CB and of course, one of these.

Had this same one from a previous woot but was stolen out of my car last week so may pick this up for $5 less. Overall, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. It’s obviously not the best one out there, but at this price point it’s a pretty good deal. If you look at radar detectors as you should - a device that alerts you to slow down when you’re cruising 10-20 mph over the speed limit, it doesn’t take much to pay for itself in helping you avoid that ticket. However, if you think a radar detector makes you invincible, this may not be for you. Personally though, even with a top of the line detector I wouldn’t bet the house that it would pick up everything, and one missed detection can be quite costly.

Anyone heard of “not breaking the law”?

A note to Pennsylvanians – these will only help you against the state police - local police are restricted from using radar or laser. They mostly use ENRADD, a device that times how long it takes you to cross two infrared beams three feet apart. No detector can help you with that, other than your eyeballs!

Drive safe…and DOWN WITH SPEED TRAPS!!

Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law!

How does this compare to other models? Does this give you enough warning to slow down in time? Thoughts?

Why, no. Please tell us more about this “not breaking the law” you speak of.