Earth's Mightiest Desktops

Wooters! I plan to use my desktop to edit video (Sony Vegas), and I will probably often have several programs running at once–although I don’t really do any gaming. So here’s my question: Is it better to have 32 GB of RAM with the integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics card, or 16 GB of RAM (and a slightly weaker processor) with the NVIDIA GeForce GT640 4GB card? Thoughts? Recommendations?


(If necessary I could probably add another 16 GB to the second choice to give it a total of 32 GB RAM as well, but I’d still have a slightly weaker processor, would that make the second one the better choice?)

Okay, I’ll end the suspense–I went with the Phoenix with the dedicated graphics card. You can breathe now.

The photo of the MB for the HP Slimline models doesn’t match the product descriptions- MBs show expansion slots & internal power supply, Specs match HP descriptions, no expansion & external power supply. I assume pictures are wrong.