Earth Rated 900CT Lavender-Scent Dog Waste Bags

Earth Rated 900CT Lavender-Scent Dog Waste Bags

I use these for my kids dirty diapers. These beat that overpriced diaper genie garbage any day.


How are these opening single handed?

Get a cat. Scoop litter. :joy::smirk_cat:

You can’t, it’s like opening a bag in the produce department at the grocery store but we have found these to be the best doggy poo bags on the market- thickness, scent and size wise!

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How are these “earth rated”? Are these biodegradable? We currently use Greener Walker bags made from corn that are biodegradable. I’d like to try these if they have the same environmental characteristics.

The Googles got me to their FAQ:

2 weeks later… Lol.

Just get it ready before you need to use it :joy:.

But seriously, it keeps the stench in.

And if there’s a particularly nasty diaper situation, I treat it like an actual dog nugget and use the bag like a glove to pick up the diaper.