Earth Tree

Simple, solid design. Now I want to play Risk. With acorns for armies.

Midgard is it’s own tree.

Genius design, congrats to the artist :)))

I want this one!

This would be more awesome as a Pangea.

Where is Hawaii???

I have an overwhelming urge to shake the branches.

:slight_smile: thank you!

Much appreciated Christina!

…or Antarctica?

Hey, congrats on your first print here Yanmos!

This is like a fresh take on Yggdrasil. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!

… Mercator projection. =(

Yeah he made North America bigger than Africa. But not out of cultural bias – it makes our chest look bigger and our tummy smaller!

Hawaii’s drawn to scale. :wink: Nothing much smaller than Sri Lanka shows up unless it’s coastal detail along the Arctic Ocean.

But we lost New Zealand, Tasmania, the Philippines and most of Indonesia. They must be hidden along the branches… yeah, that’s it.

Yes, but it fits the expanding tree leaves thing.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to WOOT shirts. To many Darth Bunnies for me. But this one is the best I’ve seen in months.

Thank you jonryan!

I want this as a hoodie!!!

This is a REALLY great design. And no, I don’t care one bit about it being mercator, or the sizes being off, or certain land masses missing. C’mon people, it’s a t-shirt design, its primary goal is to look good, and it NAILS that.