Earth Wood Watches

Any feedback on these watches?

Reviews seem mixed on all the usual Web sites…

One of the direct-from-China outfits that I have dealt with successfully was offering them postpaid for well under $20 a few weeks ago.

What are the wrist sizes? Getting extra-links add/removed maybe kinda tricky. Don’t exactly see these bands hanging in my jewelers shop.

Removing links will be easy. I doubt you’ll find extra links anywhere.

Have a different brand of wood watch. I really like it. Much lighter than metal or leather band. Mine uses screws to hold in the links, so an eyeglass screwdriver is all you need to take out links. I get lot of compliments on the watch.

Considering buying one of these as well.

Any link? I would love one, but $45 is a bit steep.

I wish the buckles weren’t metal. These would be great for people with nickel reactive allergies.

Yes, I have been looking for a watch with no metal. Anyone know of such a thing?

These are extremely basic looking wood watches, meant for entry level or knock-around. Look up ‘Tense’ brand or ‘Dreamy’ on amazon for examples of much nicer looking wood (some for a lot more $$).

There are some other brands, like Bewell, and WeWood whose models hover more around the middle price range, but there arent many cheaper than whats on woot that dont look more like crap your kid whittled.

Dreamy Brand on Amazon

Tense Brand on Amazon (huge selection, men and womens)

Bewell Brand on Amazon

WeWood Brand on Amazon

Do not buy these watches.

My wife purchased an Earth watch for me as a gift. Great looking, very confmortable. I got a lot of positive comments when wearing it. The problem, however, is the face cover. I’m not sure what the material is but it might as well be glass. With some very gentle wearing the watch “crystal” began to crack in the corners. We reutned for a replacement and the same thing happened to the second watch in a matter of weeks.

No matter the sales price it’s not worth it since you won’t get more than a month of two of wear out of it.

You might be able to find oclock watches - entirely rubber band in bright colors.

I’d be worried about the tiny little wood pieces breaking.