EarthEasy LifeStraw Family 1.0

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Time to check out the product page

So … this giant penis enlarger will … wait, what? It’s not? Really? Are you suuuuuure?


If only they could make this in an under the sink form… I would totally buy it. 18,000 liters is nothing to sniff at.

I thought this was an enema kit.

“Eartheasy Lifestraw Family 1.0”

Now this is a first… I came to Woot, looked at the picture, read the description, and had no idea what the product was or what it does. Now that’s a Woot first!

And I thought it was for asthma…

Get one if you still think the Y2K disaster is still going to happen.

Does this have a shelf life, or is this something I can tuck down in my basement and pull out if I need it some time in the next 10 years?

Answered my own question:

I’m in for one.

Bottled water, filters etc. are just a waste of money unless you live in a third world country, Tap water is plenty safe, at least for me.

If you use a well and power goes out, there’s no tap water!

This apparatus follows the 1987 EPA rules? Are they kidding, do you know how much the EPA laws have changed in 27 years? This is a joke!

It is for a 3rd world country!

Their math is interesting… it works out to less than 1 gallon a day per person…

This looks like the Swedish made “That’s not my kind of bag” version.

There’s no water!

What are you going to filter?

If you have a well pump and lose power regularly you should have a a generator and not one of these things to be used on a family hike to a nearby creek.

The life straws on Woot are starting to get old. At least they aren’t refurbished.

It’d be nice to have during the zombie apocolypse…