EarthEasy Sustainable Living Products

I would love to play with this for my solar masons, but not for $50. :frowning:

bought both the solar lamp and the solar lamp/charger. love the solar lamp. it works great. the solar lamp/charger looks to be solid with a nice light, BUT the rubber switch got stuck the first time i pressed it. will look into warranty once i get a chance.

How much does it weigh? I mean it looks as if it’s made for hiking so why not include the weight?

Found it! (sorry) it’s 21.2 oz.

I work for a large Intnl. non-profit. We do humanitarian relief in very remote places around the world way off the grid. Products like these are indispensable.

What I need is something small (for travel), something that will power my small electrics ie…cellphone, batteries etc… something that gives me some light at night, lots of light! Something that I can just put out in the sun for the day to charge (no need to buy and replace batteries!).

Same as what anyone would need during a power outage at home.

We travel with a SunPortX1 solar light &charger from
It’s a fraction of the price of the big solar chargers and it does what you need in a small package.

…because there’s nothing more important for camping than making sure your smart phone stays charged…

thanks for the reference on the SunPortX1 - heading out to work with a missions hospital in Zimbabwe this fall - little to no consistent power - should be perfect