Earth's Heart Monitor

Uh oh. Do we call a lumberjack or a cardiologist?

Gee that’s not depressing or anything.

As much as I don’t care for Celine Dion, I hope that Mother Earth will sing “My heart will go on.”

My biology teacher suggested that earth day is more about saving ourselves than the planet. Perhaps that would give this shirt a different meaning. All you would have to do is pretend those trees are people.

The tree pulse was creative, but the next two lines really make the shirt.

if a doctor saw that theyd have a heart attack


The description says Navy, but the shirt looks dark green/forest green. I don’t know if it will look good on blue.

I like.

OK, the color says Navy, but the picture looks only green to me. Green makes sense. Green is Earth day. Green is what I want.


Please tell me that’s not right, that it’s REALLY green, so I can buy this shirt…

My heart pines for this shirt.

HAHAH I get it! “SAW”… as in… cut down… HAR HAR HAR

If two trees fall over in the forest, and nobody’s there to hear them fall down, should we still buy the T-shirt?

Awww, he should have put buildings to replace the trees haha.

BTW: On an ECG, the first tree would represent the QRS complex (even though there is no Q) and the 2nd tree represents the T wave.

(I’m a med student)

now we see the importance of making sure lumberjacks have proper employment sharpening pencils

EDIT: ok, still getting the hang of the url tags

♫ I’m a lumberjack and I’m not okay, I fell asleep and I died today…_____________♫

Quite possibly the shortest Monty Python song ever rerecorded.

Ha! Thanks for the late night chuckle. I’m always a sucker for a good pun. =)

Diagnosis: Coniferous arrhythmia

Treatment: Suggest Weyerhaeuser Corp. executives to travel to Pandora to seek unobtanium instead. Duh?

Congrats CapedCrusader, glad it made it through!