Earthwise 1600PSI Pressure Washer

Earthwise 1600PSI Pressure Washer

Under $100 at walmart

Morning. Prove it? The one I see for that price doesn’t look anything like this one.

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Same model number. The handle is pulled up on one of the pictures.

Different brand.

You’re right it was a different brand. Here is the same brand. At target, under $100,pdtr0:877306|877677,mr:1,cat:1226,ss:44&prmd=svin&prds=epd:18297836931670481782,cdl:1,prmr:1,cs:1

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Ours is Earthwise PW16002.

So is the one from target. I only brought it up to tell others. Jeez. I guess I shouldn’t do that …

The one on Target says it’s Earthwise PW16503. I don’t know the difference. They may be the same? Not sure.

Just recieved my power washer…

This power washer was supposed to be “new” condition; however, it arrived dirty, missing parts (two spray nozzles and the mesh bag), and the hose for the water is packaged in a Home Depot grocery/plastic bag.

Contacted customer service.