Earthwise 1800PSI Pressure Washer

Earthwise 1800PSI Pressure Washer

Boys are purple, girls are green or is it the other way around or what?


I picked this guy up last time it was on sale here. Me being a guy, I clearly had to get the purple one because pfft to green.

It works well enough, but the 25° nozzle that came with the machine does not fit into the gun. The Quick Connect does not close around nozzle. All the other ones work. The Cord and the hose all work well

Other notes: The purple color compliments my house’s Tardis Blue Color where the green would have just clashed too much. Me being a self respecting sandals with socks kinda guy, I just couldn’t subject the neighbors to that kind of horrid color contrast.

In all fairness, for what it is, it works well. I wish the 25° nozzle worked. The direct stream was not spread enough for what I need and the 45° angle spread dissipates too much of the pressure unless you are so close to the surface you are cleaning you might as well be using the direct stream. The “Power Nozzle” works okay, but it wasn’t much more powerful than the 45° nozzle unless you were extremely close to the surface. Otherwise, it just mist-ified (ha ha… I’ll let myself out) the water too much.

Hi there! Sorry about that 25° nozzle. Did you contact Earthwise to see if they would send you a new one? It comes with a one year warranty.

$79.99 at Walmart, but it IS out of stock right now. Probably forever, this looks like a product on its way out…