Earthwise 22-Inch 18 V L-Ion Cordless Trimmer

Earthwise 22-Inch 18 V L-Ion Cordless Trimmer
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4.6 Stars over at Amazon

I own one. This is for really lightweight stuff – no so good for heavy hedges or branches. Works great on soft plants, not so good on heavier plants.

That’s not really a review. It’s more of a synopsis of manufacturer specs and the reviews on Amazon. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen a (presumably) knowledgeable person’s opinion on it.

I purchased an Earthwise cordless trimmer last year and used it to trim 6 of the 8 bushes I have by my house. I had to recharge it after every 2 bushes and after the sixth bush, it stopped working altogether. I assumed there was something jammed in the gears so I opened the bottom up and found the drive system in pieces. It was all made of cheap potmetal. No way to fix it unless I had a lathe or machine shop. Not worth the effort. Would not suggest anyone buy one of these unless they are trimming dandelions.

Mine came in today. Appears to be DOA. Charged battery for a couple of hours, charger indicates fully charged. Trimmer doesn’t do anything. Going to contact the manufacture to see how they want to handle it.

Any luck? Mine came recently too. Plugged it in today and it won’t take a charge at all. It too is DOA. Please let me know if you learn anything. Bummer

Jeez, sorry for the trouble. Let us know how it goes with Earthwise.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to email your order details and situation to; CS can check into things for you.

I also received a DOA unit. The battery charges for about 15 seconds and then the charger switches to fully charged. I measured the voltage over the battery terminals and it reads 1.34V (this is supposed to be an 18V battery) so either the battery is dead/unusable or the charger doesn’t work correctly.

Will reply when I hear from Earthwise.

[quote postid=“6334359” user="Jack1927
I also came in DOA and when I call no one will answer phone and told me to email and they will not answer email. Guess the BBB will hear from me.
Woot you are out

Mine came in also DOA and no one answer the phone and respond to email. Way to go Woot you are out now! Will turn in to BBB

Mine does not work either.

Same issue here, charged battery, trimmer doesn’t work. Called and emailed company for support, hoping for some resolution.

An update: I contacted Earthwise via email and they got back to me within 24 hrs. asking for proof of purchase. I sent them a screenshot of my woot order details page showing “delivered” and a copy of the order confirmation email and they promised to ship me a new battery. Still waiting for delivery.

I ordered two. One for me and one for my father-in-law. Opened mine today and there is no charger for the battery. Borrowed the one from my father-in-law’s gift and the battery is defective. Grabbed the second battery - it, too, is defective. Wow!

Same thing happened to me. Did you have any luck with manufacturer?

Received the replacement battery from Earthwise and finally got to try it out this weekend. Unit works great for the small shrubs I have in front of the house.

Mine was also DOA. That seems like a lot of bad units sold. WTH