Earthwise Box Tote - Shirt Woot designs

Would woot, more specifically shirt.woot, ever consider putting the designs on quality reusable tote bags. I found these earthwise box tote bags at my local grocery store and they are amazing, except for their designs\patters. I think it would be super cool to get some shirt.woot designs on these bags instead. I could see many people remembering to grab their “The Retro way” reusable bag.

EarthWise tote link
Amazon link
The retro way link:

Woot does offer tote bags, but they’re on limited designs.

“I Ain’t Afraid” Medium Tote Bag - $19.99 - Free shipping for Prime members "I Ain't Afraid" Medium Tote Bag

Thanks for the comment Pepper114. I’ve TOTE’tally seen those before. I just know that after finding these totes, all other totes become unused in my house.

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