Easiest Thanksgiving Recipe

Circumference divided by diameter equals pi.

It’s a math joke!

This looks deliciously mathy. I might have to buy this.

Wait… pumpkin circumference divided by pumpkin diameter is equal to a slice of pumpkin pie?

I don’t get it.

LOL! Woot got a little feisty on the artist bio!

3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971 93993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

where does the whip cream come from

I don’t see how they equate if it’s only a slice of pie.

thatrobert is a Pi-loving maniac!

Yay for ramen noodles!

Thanks Woot for printing yet another Pi shirt of mine. I need to find some other mathematical constants…

And btw, I’m both allergic to gluten and a teetotaler so I would have to be thankful for gluten-free ramen and alcohol-free beer. Yuck.

I’m glad it’s an exact amount, not some weak decimal approximation.


…with a decaying pumpkin on it.

circumference =2piradius

In math terms, that’s what the shirt is about.

No wonder I didn’t get it. The math is all wrong.

In math terms, the circumference is equal to pie times the diameter. so if you divide circumference by the diameter you get pie.

What pumpkin?

Rounding errors.

I should note that this is for a circle…but if the pumpkin happens to be more of an oval or ellipse shape…we’d be in some trouble.

You could begin with τ, which is equal to 2π, a “full turn” of a circle in radians.