Eastburn Vineyards Oregon Pinot Noir

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Nice Oregon juice here; tasting notes on the Estate above care of Mr. Klezman are pretty spot on. NIce acidity; gentle fruit notes of tart cherry, maybe a hint of pomegranate. I’ve had some WV pinots that have more of the earthy mushroom than this one, but it’s woven in there nonetheless.

The Single Block is a little lighter but with similar qualities albeit a little less of the tart cherry and more strawberry, but fruit is again subtle.

As mentioned '07 was a mixed bag for Oregon; a lot of early rain that year before the pick watered down some of the crop. As always though, the deft winemakers handled it and some great wines resulted- the earlier mentioned Tori Mor’s are a perfect example. IMHO these Eastburn wines are another.

The winemaker is Isabelle Dutartre of DePonte Cellars, who was trained in Burgundy (she’s French).

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Yikes. Not a laughing matter, but did he buy anything good? any wine?

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And sorry Neil but Pfffttt to the winemaker being French, I want my Oregon pinot to taste like Oregon and my Cali pinot to taste like Cali and my French pinot to taste French. :wink: I know that seems to go against the grain nowadays.

All good my friend (regarding the Pinots, not your credit card at Target), though I daresay the Oregon pinot community is rife with Burgundy influence either directly (Dom. Drouhin for example, the aforementioned Tori Mor’s winemaker as well), or by Burgundy-obsessed American’s (check out Scott Paul wines sometime; he makes Oregon Pinot and imports Burgundy in his spare time).

At the end of the day, good winemakers make good wine… and if they’re using Oregon fruit… it should taste like… Oregon Pinot… i think?

Agreed, but remember…

“California wine that tastes halfway like French wine is awesome. French wine that tastes halfway like California wine is an abomination. Try to keep up.” :happy:

“…Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot’s potential can then coax it into its fullest expression… …it’s not a survivor like Cabernet…”

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I do not think I could agree with this more.

I think a winemaker with expertise growing and making wine with a particular grape can more easily adapt to the climate patterns and soil characteristics of a new area then the reverse. I think this is also why so few wineries make stellar wines across all varietals - they each have a personality, both in the vineyard and in the winery.

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…all this abuse… perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine to heal these wounds…

By some strange coincidence there was a bottle of the non-single block of 2007 Eastburn Vineyards Pinot on my counter today, so I decided in the name of science I should open it and post my tasting notes :slight_smile:

I poured the first glass through my venturi to get a little air.

Nose - Funktified!! Earthy, an almost menthol component (not really, but best I can describe), and soft red fruit.

Time to taste! Bright sour cherries, soft crushed strawberries, a lil menthol, a bit of mushroom (very muted). Definitely has nice acidity, it would be a good food wine, and I suspect terrific with a nice beef bourguignon!

Very enjoyable lingering finish of tart cherry.

Although I would definitely not describe it as a fruit bomb, the fruit was vibrant and clean, really very nice. Definitely on the tart side, not the sweet side of the Pinot spectrum.

For the price, I would say this is a very solid QPR for a good quality bottle of Oregon Pinot.


Second glass is opening up even more, revealing nice layers of complexity with darker fruit.

…happy to say Single Block has integrated nicely on day 2. In a Burgundy via Oregon sorta way.

How is it during a full moon? :tongue:

Great on a flower day! :wink:

…sshhh… Sowing seeds…