Easton Havoc II Baseball/Softball Bag



FYI, most of the reviews and info you will find out on the Internetz is for the Havoc. We are selling the Havoc II.

Some of the differences are:

Havoc II (Havoc)

Holds 6 bats (4)
Has Cleat Tunnel (n/a)
Has J-style Hook (n/a)
600D Polyester (1080D)

Easton Havoc II Baseball/Softball Bag

What is the longest “bat” that can be carried in this?


Check out these comments from when this was offered here back in February.


Im just waiting on the Jokes for this to start coming lol.
j/k .
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I find these type of bags make excellent bargains for carrying photo / video equipment - they are very well built, considering that they will withstand the abuse a team will throw at them and they cost much less than traditional wheeled bags made specifically for shutterbugs / videophiles. We buy ‘sporting’ type bags such as this for our field techs that service medical imaging devices also, they stand up to the beating they take much better than other types of zippered / compartmentalized bags and are invaluable where we can’t use Pelican brand cases (usually for security concerns at sensitive installations). Enjoy!


Funny you should say that. Someone left a review in the last sale thread on just this thing.


Spooky!! I spent part of today researching baseball bags for my son, who is now catching part time and needs a bigger bag for the gear. Man, I about jumped out of my chair when I saw this… however the 9" width is typically not a large baseball bag, and I am thinking he needs a 12" model. Bummer.


After further review, I am puzzled at the dimensions listed. The original Havoc is listed on other sites at 36"L x 12"W x 12"H. Yet this new model is only 9" wide, yet holds 2 more bats?


Apparently, great minds think alike. :slight_smile:


Kind of reminds me of this train:

Or some of Raymond Loewy’s other trains: http://obviousmag.org/en/archives/2008/04/the_wondrous_locomotives_of_raymond_loewy.html


Another great use could be for the neighbourhood gang…

Warriors… come out to play…ay…