Easy Meal 25-Person Food Supply Kits

Can’t find ANY retail/online store offering this product - been a deal on multiple liquidation sites since early 2016. There is nothing that substantiates retail pricing of $350 much less $99 for 25 meals. Says storage up to 10 years which tells me its dehydrated rather than all freeze dried. Sounds like a poor quality product that didn’t make it on the retail scene. Sorry I’ll pass.

Come on Woot I would expect MUCH from you than this.

Only place I could find it was directly on the mfr site.
Vendor price, however, is $250 not $350. Compared to other panic room meal kits that are on here, these appear compliance oriented for residence/medical facilities, so there may be a price bump related to compliance and/or marketing to that angle.
Still does not seem like a great value but I haven’t looked into emergency food requirements or compliance.