Easy Optimism



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Very funny shirt, congrats on the print :smiley: Hopefully there won’t be too many issues started on this thread over it.


Great design!


Yay! Thanks for all the support! Not my ideal first shirt to be printed, but I’m glad people liked it. :slight_smile:


Does anyone else see a Cyanide and Happiness similarity?


Super funny…not for me though! Great Job


oh man. i like this, but i was really hoping for the counter-productive optimism.




YEAH!!! In for two, and sprung for the Fed Ex.
Can’t wait!!


I don’t know every time I looked at this I slowly started laughing. I love it, and its been a while. w00t,

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, I offer both, you choose.


I’d like to be the person in the Angry Day shirt… I’ve been begging for one on Teetrade for a while but the person with it available never returns my emails.


The abortion shirt has now made stick figures popular. I don’t dislike the shirt. Just an observation.


Picked one up for my sis =)

Last wooter to woot: waacodemon


The only thing I have against this design is that you can’t tell if genuinely-happy-man is adding the bag to, or removing it from, the area surrounding not-genuinely-happy-man’s head.


What? Christmas gets its own but the rest of us get lumped into one generic category?! Us jew.s need respect!!! :wink:


hhhhhmmmmmm… I’m liking it. Not to sure I love this shirt though.


No fighting, be happy. :slight_smile:


Cute, but not sure the stick lines will stand out against the cranberry very well…from far away it might look like just two huge heads and a bag


That was my first thought when I saw it.