Easy question for most Wooters but I just cant figure it out?


How do you do the signature thing at the bottom of your posts.
Like whats at the bottom but so that i dont have to keep redoing it. I know there is a way just cant figure it out. Someone help me please.

Woot 1 blah blah
Woot 2 Blah blah


OK, here ya go.
At the bottom of the page there is a drop-down box.
Go into “My Control Panel”
There is a place there for a sig line.
Just a caveat, though, if you use a graphic, keep it small. There’s a limit on size.
Hope that answered the question.


Looks like he got it.


Just curious… I don’t have anything like that at the bottom of my page… not even at the top, “My Control Panel.” At the top I have:
Forum Home/Private Messages (# inside)/Members/Forum Help


i’m with you, just a few options at the top

i think the moderators and staff have a different menu than us simple-folk since they might have more controlls


I have the menu at the bottom and I’m a simple folk. It says “Please Select”


Right. And then you select Control Panel.


Why is there no longer a “My Forums” tab?


Does anyone else find that the “Members” tab is a waste of time?


I don’t think “Members” is a waste. I look at it every once in a while, especially if I’m looking for one of the old Wooters, to see if they’re still around. I know Don’t does because she likes to keep track of what rank she is in posts.


She likes to keep track of how rank she is?



“Dead man chatting”


They just changed the navigation to display the number of PMs instead of a My Forums link. You still go to the same second page, where you have to click onto the My Forums tab. It’s one extra click to get to your forums, but lets everyone know if they have new PMs without having to navigate off the forum pages. I like the change, but I don’t use the My Forums view very often anyway…


Thanks for the response to KTand I agree…I prefer the pm link to the My Forums, at the top of the page.

…and KT, membership link is a bust, lol. No special mod features for that one and it would be nice if it worked…along w/ the search (a poster’s other posts) button. grrrrr.


It use to…but it stopped working back in Sept/Oct, why?


Why can’t the “My forums” be next to “forum home?” Why does it have to be “nested” like that? There are some forums I never visit.


Would you prefer brie or camembert with that?