EasyOut Damaged Screw Extractor Kit

EasyOut Damaged Screw Extractor Kit

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A quarter-stick of dynamite also will remove those damaged or rusted screws, and it’s more fun.

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No case here (my bad, there is a case), but broader range of extractors for a $1 less.


Harbor Freight quality is questionable on some tools; like most China made with low quality (scrapyard waste) tools.


Hope I haven’t misled anyone who saw this before I fixed it (an edit makes the “wrong” stuff just go “poof”). The drill-bit tip clears out the “edges” of the screwhead, prepares the cleanest surface area (drilling fast-but-shallow is okay), then the cone-shaped surface gives the highest coefficient of “friction” to bite into and turn the shaft out backwards (take it quite a bit slower, you WANT it to “grab”, not take off more metal). Assuming H.S.S. (high-speed-steel) 63-65HRC is really “good quality tool-steel”, these should last awhile (assuming you don’t “grind” them hard enough to heat them up enough to destroy the “case hardening”).

Had to go research three-different somethings I didn’t know, which is always a fun time!


I have to wonder how many times I’ve found some of these in a toolbox and cussed because they wouldn’t cut or bite (because, duh, I was running the drill motor the wrong direction)…