Eat it up. Yum.



That’s a lot of “flatware”. Spoons aren’t really flat though. Am I over thinking this?


i think mikasa is over thinking the importance of tea spoons… 16/set!


That makes for 8 teaspoons and 8 dessert spoons. I’m a slob and I’ll happily stir my tea then eat my ice cream with the same spoon, but I’m a lousy example.

/fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads…


I bought one of the 58 piece sets last time, and I am very happy with it. The flatware is nice and heavy and looks great.


I actually wish they were selling packs of just teaspoons. My husband is the Death of teaspoons; we’re down to two, and i keep one on my desk, away from him.


Fish heads!


Check Goodwill. You won’t get a matched set, but you can buy teaspoons by the truckload.


Comment from WootBot: “A good set of flatware isn’t just nice. It’s almost required! Are you gonna serve your grandmother Thanksgiving dinner with a plastic spork?”

Its things like this that make me think doesn’t understand it’s customer base very well.


Hmmm…I thought the Mikasa 18/0 was a typo after seeing the Windsor brand, and knowing that what I currently have is 18/10…I learned something new…


Mark? is that you? I can SEE you holding your fork (and spoon) like the handlbars of your Big Wheel! No wonder you’re single - AGAIN! Where did I go wrong? (OK, maybe that’s not the best question to ask at this juncture…)


WMF is the silver standard. I love my WMF pans and flatware. And I’m a bicky pitch.


I thought it was “Eat 'em up. Yum” or possibly “Eat them up. Yum.”

Of course, the WootGods might be aware of this, and are simply avoiding a potential copyright issue…


Sounds like he may have a heroin problem. Missing or burnt spoons is usually a key warning sign lol!


But then they won’t stack nicely in the drawer. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like playing pickup sticks when reaching for flatware.


Billy Mumy. Will Robinson. Babylon 5’s Lennier.


That made me laugh, but it is oh so true…


Great call. I saw the WMF sets (with 18/10) first, and my eyes tricked me into reading 18/10 for the Mikasa sets. It in fact is 18/0…


not to deter you from buying our fine wares, but what you’ve cited is the very reason why i own a hanging flatware set.
(more drawer space is nice, too.)


True. Mismatched spoons won’t stack neatly. No spoons don’t stack neatly either. Given the options, I’d rather have something, at least.