Eat Sleep Beg Repeat

I enjoy cats, but I also appreciate dogs. It’s refreshing to see a dog featured in a cute shirt design for a change. Good one, Randy! :slight_smile:

I know kids like this

Thanks for the print and write up Woot!

Thanks to you too Intangle :slight_smile:

Cats: Eat, Sleep, Poop, DESTROY EVERYTHING, Repeat.

Congrats on the print, Randyotter!

And adults too.

Ohhhh, it’s a dog! I’ve heard of those things. :o)

I thought someone has just designed a strange-looking cat Woot-Shirt!

Dog … dog … those are the furry creatures that bark, right?

(All joking aside, I do miss my doggie. It’s been almost a year since she took her last breath. :frowning: I’m still not ready to adopt again, but it will happen.)