Ebung Leg Elevation or Wedge Pillows

Ebung Leg Elevation or Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows are also useful for more than just sleeping. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink…


Came here to make related comment.

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Oh yeah…my geriatric dog uses one as a ramp to get on and off the sofa!

And by “geriatric dog”, I think we all know what you mean… Heh, heh.

    I bought Leg Elevation model to elevate my legs and reduce swelling.  For that purpose I can say it works quite well and I am quite pleased with the product. 
  That said, having read the orther comments, I can clearly see how my new pillow can be used to aid in both encouraging and curing the circulation and swelling of other quite critical areas of the body.   I think I need the Wedge model now to complement the one I already have.   (Perhaps even more may be in order.  You just can't be too careful when it comes to or your partners circulation and "sharing" is, caring!) 
   Thanks fellow Wooters.