Echo (2nd Gen) - Smart Speaker

Echo (2nd Gen) - Smart Speaker

There is a seemingly infinite supply of these two generation old International Edition Echos. Has any other discontinued new condition product popped up on Woot so repeatedly?

How is it they weren’t dumped after the 3rd Gen Echo was released?

But thanks, I used this $40 price to negotiate a local, still new in box buy of one (US Edition) down to $20 from $25.

The very latest, two generation newer, US Edition Echo 4th gen is only $20 more than this $40 2nd Gen International Edition Echo Woot deal, today and tomorrow [EDIT:] at mother Amazon.

And you can get a free Ring Smart Lightbulb or 6 months of Amazon Music for free with that new 4th Gen Echo.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, get it for $8 today for one month. ($12.99 + $5.00 credit)

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The reviews of the sound between the Echo and Dot are pretty extreme. The 4th generation “tennis ball” is sold at the sale price for a reason IMO.

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Who brought up “Dot”? Not me.

You do realize for both the 2nd and 4th gens mentioned here the Echo and Echo Dot are two very different products, right?

Both the 4th gen Echo and 4th Gen Echo Dot have the “tennis ball” form factor. The Echo is simply larger than the Echo Dot… just as the 2nd gen Echo was much taller and very slightly wider in diameter than the 2nd gen Echo Dot.

But, certainly, within each generation of these Amazon smart speakers, the sound quality difference between the Echo and Echo Dot is dramatic as you’d expect for street prices that are 2-4 times different.

Received and am happy with my purchase :blush:

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