Echo Buds (1st Gen) ANR True Wireless Earbuds

Echo Buds (1st Gen) ANR True Wireless Earbuds

I wrote about these a couple weeks ago when they were sale for around $70 IIRC. Basically, I bought a pair early 2020 and they’re quite good in terms of audio quality and noise cancellation (plus ambient/hear-through mode.) The only real downsides are that they’re a couple years old now (and have been replaced by a new model,) use microUSB, have mediocre battery life, and there are current models of TWS earbuds that are compelling purchases for the same amount of money or less.

At $40 however, these are definitely worth a buy because of what you get for that reduced price. While there are plenty of good options below $50, this new low price makes them a solid recommendation for your first TWS earbuds (these were my first entry into this product category, to be clear!)

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These are $39.99 on amazon, come on Woot what kind of deal is this?? Please explain!

My first thought was, “oh, well that’s not so bad, you know Amazon owns Woot, right?” But then I checked Amazon; I couldn’t find the 1st gen Buds listed, so I went into my order history and this is the original listing I purchased from: It lists them as “currently unavailable” so I’m not sure what you’re looking at. vOv

Yes I know the mothership owns woot, I rechecked and now they are no longer listed. Wonder what happened?

Thanks for your review.

Quick question. Can you use just one bud at a time?

Thank you.

“Quick question. Can you use just one bud at a time?”

Yes you can. I do it all the time. Best hands-free phone gizmo in the world – and pretty damn good headphones, too.

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I’m assuming that they’re trying to clearance these all in one place, being a couple years old and replaced by the current model. Honestly it wouldn’t bother me if they were listed at the same price on both sites, and in fact I’d buy them over at Amazon if I wanted another pair because of the 5% cash back I get with the Prime card.