Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

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Sweet. I’ve been searching woot the past week for these. How convenient.

Does this deal include the Echo Dot with Clock?

No, these are the older models

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Love the “Prime Crap” (TM available!)

Seriously, this is like getting Prime Day/Black Friday ” deals at random times…a huge value add for Woot.

If you have a bunch of gen 1 or 2 Echo Dots and don’t like the sound quality (mostly, lack of loudness), the 3rd gen Echo Dot has much improved sound quality, especially, loudness.

But note, that extra power means giving up the previous Dot’s more flexible and universal micro-USB power port. The 3rd gen Dot has a proprietary power port and fairly large wall wort power supply.

Previously, $25 was about as low as the price got on the 3rd gen Dot.

What does not make any sense - it has a wonky 90-day Woot! warranty even though it is a “New” Dot that would normally have an Amazon warranty… And didn’t Amazon used to offer 1-year warranties on Dots? Now it seems only the higher priced Echo stuff has 1-year warranties. ;-(

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My echo ended up in my baby’s room as it does lullaby’s and story time. I have this model currently. I’m in for 2. Good price. I needed to replace the one in my bedroom.

Thanks for the info. Does this actually have a “proprietary power port” or just a regular power connector (something that can be easily replaced) that is just not a USB type?

“Proprietary?” The point is, unlike the previous Echo Dots, it isn’t powered by a universal micro-USB power port.

So for, example, it would be difficult to make it portable by simply powering it with a common off the shelf USB power bank.

Or, as in the case of one of our Dots, it is located nearby a 10 port micro-USB power box, negating the need to use its own micro-USB wall wort.

I suppose if you wished, you could find a barrel-port (laptop style) connector matching it and fabricate your own copy of the Amazon proprietary wall wort & its connector. Or, if you got lucky, a “universal” laptop power supply might have a matching power port tip.

BTW, the 3rd gen Dot requires a 12 volt DC supply input so it would be a good match for an off-grid cabin or an RV once you located the compatible laptop-style connector.

We can buy and ship to Hawaii with regular Amazon, yet as Prime members, we can’t buy and ship to Hawaii on Woot. Why is that? Why, Why, why?

The simple answer is that even though Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon, the two companies have different shipping structures in place.